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A cute comparison of PS5 sizes to other consoles

A cute comparison of PS5 sizes to other consoles

Following the PS5 presentation on console games, Sony released specs including dimensions. And the PS5 turned out to be the largest console in history. The parameters in vertical position are as follows:

Height – 390 mm;
Width – 104 mm;
Depth – 260 mm;
Weight – 4.5 kg.

For comparison, a regular PS4:

Height – 275 mm;
Width – 53 mm;
Depth – 305 mm;
Weight – 2.8 kg.

A Japanese artist on Twitter under the nickname keisawada decided to illustrate the size of the PS5 in comparison to a 30-inch TV and other consoles, including PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series S and X. The illustrations are done in a cute cartoon style.

Pre-orders for PS5 have already opened all over the world, including Russia. The cost of the console with and without a floppy drive is 46,999 and 37,999 rubles, respectively. The release is scheduled for November 19.


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