Cheats for Among Us

Cheats for Among Us

Tips for Among Us Players
Play multiplayer games honestly and respect other players! We do not encourage the use of cheats online, but we can always help with advice. Do you want to win honestly? Here’s how to do it:

Five Tips for Impostors
Pretend to complete your tasks
The crew members have tasks, the completion of which brings them closer to victory. Only they can perform these tasks. A professional impostor must know exactly what tasks are where and how long they can take in time. Pretend that you are repairing something. Stand next to the object, preferably until the progress bar at the top left reaches a certain stage. So you pretend that it was your work that brought the victory of the crew members closer. Try not to rush from one task to another, standing next to each for two seconds. An experienced player will get you straight.

Kill immune players
The game has tasks that are available only to one character. If you can see how the player performs this task, then he is 100% not an impostor. These players are called immune.

Try to hunt down these players and kill them as soon as possible. Don’t waste time with others. After all, the fewer participants, the more chances that the immune player will point at you and you will be thrown into outer space. To deal with immune players, try to use sabotage to isolate them.

Stay calm in negotiations and pretend you are a crew member
Speak, vote and blame as if you were a crew member. Be as honest as possible about your own whereabouts and don’t be too aggressive. If you start screaming, “YES THIS IS A BLUE TOOTH, I SAW IT WITH A KNIFE” without good reason, others will look at you with suspicion. Even if your early game aggression results in throwing other players into space, you will draw attention to yourself and will most likely be next.

Plus, the crew members are less likely to suspect you if they think you are a bit of a noob. From time to time ask “who should I vote for?” or say “I don’t know the name of the room” – this may help you, especially now that the game is gaining its popularity every day. But do not start your match with the words “oh, just entered, but what should be done here, please don’t kill” – people may be suspicious of such phrases.

Cheats for Among Us

Show initiative
The best way to deflect suspicion is to have an active discussion. Perhaps your self-confidence will allow you to take on a leadership role. After the murder, perhaps not immediately, but at the beginning of the conversation, try to choose a victim and ask the player: “Where were you when our comrade was killed, eh !? in which room? And what did you do there!?”. If you play the cards correctly, then the rest of the session participants can follow you.

This rule becomes even more important when you come across a witness. If another player sees you next to a dead body or even killing someone, and you know they are going to blame you. The defensive stance is usually not strong, so try to blame them first or force them to explain before they get a chance to speak out against you. For example, if Pink saw you next to the body before he told the others, subtly note: “Guys, this is definitely not Pink, we just entered the room.” Even if he asks you questions, you already have a better negotiating position.

Cheats for Among Us

Help others (as it were)
Of course, your task is to send all the participants to the next world as quickly as possible. But it is very important to earn credibility. How to do it? Feel free to shield other participants. Say, for example, “I was running past Blue – the guy plows like a horse, he just completed the task. He’s definitely not an impostor, I give a grudge. ” This will allow you to gain trust from the same Blue. And maybe in the next vote he will not be opposed to you.

Five tips for crew members
If you went with a friend …
Try not to run around the ship alone – this will make you an easy victim of an assassin. But beyond that, you also run the risk of arousing the suspicion of other people. If there is no one to blame, or the impostor is especially dastardly, you will easily be sentenced for not being seen and wandering around alone somewhere.

Cheats for Among Us

Explore the ventilation system
This is important not only for the impostors, but for the crew members. Most rooms have an air vent. They are like shortcuts between rooms, with the nuance that only impostors can use them. If you see someone behind you one second and then in front of you shortly thereafter, it is likely that they are moving through the vents. Innocent people will never approach them, and neither should you.

Be the perfect crew member
Since this is a social game, the most useful thing you can learn is how to read the behavior of other players. As a rule, impostors try to divert attention from themselves, although some of them are skillful enough to do this unnoticed. Suspicious behavior includes conversational tactics as well as erratic movements around the map.

For example, impostors will constantly run around sabotage areas or try to merge with the team, as we reported earlier. But remember, not everyone knows how long it takes to complete a particular task. And maybe you have a task that is not available to anyone, and the player pretends to complete it? Then you know who to vote for.

Don’t overuse an emergency meeting
If there is one thing other players hate, it is people abusing the meeting feature for no good reason. You only have one chance at this, so keep it in case you think you might be in danger or you know for sure you’ve found an impostor.

Cheats for Among Us

Complete tasks
Last but not least, don’t be a bum. Nobody likes trolls or people who walk aimlessly. This only complicates the game for those who invest in the session. Complete tasks and try to win, not just swear during meetings.

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