Gamedev: Rainbow Six Siege’s smart game design

Gamedev: Rainbow Six Siege’s smart game design

The official channel of the GDC Developers Conference has published a 2018 lecture by Leroy Athanassoff and Geoffroy Mouret on the smart game design of Rainbow Six Siege . In the video, game designers talk about how to balance in an online shooter.

In the video, Leroy and Geoffroy talk about how the balance of the game has changed, how the creators take into account which operator is more often chosen for the game and his ratio of wins and losses, how much a change in one type of weapon affects the defense or attack team.

For example, on average, the attackers won 48% of matches, but after weakening the shotgun, the ratio fell to 45.3%, but after increasing the round to three minutes, it returned to the old figure.

The video shows the challenges faced by online shooters as they balance classes, weapons, and the game itself.

Rainbow Six Siege is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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