Journalists have denied information about overheating Xbox Series X

Journalists have denied information about overheating Xbox Series X

Yesterday, journalist Ken Bogard wrote that Xbox Series X is very overheating and you can burn yourself on it. Worried Microsoft fans started writing to other journalists, but they did not confirm this information.

For example, Jeff Grubb wrote that such a situation is possible, but he cannot say that he faced this, because this topic is under an embargo. He joked that this is a problem for those who play with a console in their hands.

The same can be attributed to Tom Warren of Verge, who added that Microsoft would not send the console to hundreds of journalists if it knew about such an issue.


YouTuber Spawn Wave Plus said that people confuse the concept of “overheating” and “heating”. The fact that the console ventilates hot air to the outside indicates that it cools well. The system needs to heat up because that’s how it works.

Microsoft itself has not yet reacted in any way to information about overheating. Ken Bogard remains the only journalist / blogger to talk about this issue. At the same time, for some reason he himself wrote on Twitter that the information published from his words is a fake .

Xbox Series X will start selling on November 10th. Pre-orders are already available, the console costs 45,590 rubles.

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