Marvel’s Avengers guide – how to find resources and improve equipment


Marvel’s Avengers guide – how to find resources and improve equipment


Every good superhero needs the right gear. And believe me, M arvel’s Avengers has a lot to choose from! As you progress through the General Gathering story quests, complete challenges in the HARM room and participate in online games, you will collect a considerable amount of different equipment. But even when boxes for storing equipment are unlocked on “Chimera”, you will have a limited number of slots (about 300) for storing it, and nine more slots for equipment of each type separately for each hero. Therefore, you will need to choose wisely, carefully filtering out any garbage.

Some items are improved, thereby increasing their power, but for this you will have to find many different resources, so let’s figure out where to find them and what equipment to improve.

How to get resources
The easiest way to farm resources is to smash large containers with glowing white, yellow, purple or orange energy balls. The glow color indicates a specific resource. And in total there are nine types of resources, each of which has its own level of rarity:

  • Fragments
  • Update modules
  • Nanites
  • Nanotubes
  • Catalysts
  • Plasma
  • Polyhoron
  • Uru
  • DNA keys

Rare resources


DNA Keys can only be obtained by completing specific missions. For example, in war zones. Most of the materials are hidden in crates and are available from vendors in Anthill and Chimera. You will also receive resources at the end of tasks, and more rare resources at the completion of iconic hero missions, challenges from hero cards or in the HARM room.

Polyhoron can only be obtained from faction merchants after completing their orders. Often these tasks have a timer of one to three days, so you need to act quickly. Also check back frequently for new quests and remember that you can also buy resources from certain vendors.

You can also improve artifacts using a number of special resources, which will increase their overall power and give certain advantages in battle.

Hero equipment

Each Marvel Hero can equip four different types of gear:

  • Close combat
  • distant battle
  • Protection
  • Heroic

During the passage of tasks, while exploring the “Chimera” and the Anthill, you will find quite a lot of different objects. There will be even more at various SHIELD and AIM facilities. New equipment will be given to you for completing HARM room challenges, completing cult quests, and so on.

Each hero can carry up to nine pieces of equipment of a particular type. But you can always take them apart to make room in your inventory for better equipment. If more powerful equipment appears in the inventory than what is currently equipped, an inscription appears on the screen with a proposal to check it.


It should be noted that some items need to be improved with resources. But you can get more powerful equipment, but not be able to improve it. Always carefully study items, choose the equipment that has a perk associated with the task. For example, if heading to the Snow Tundra, equipment with protection against cryo damage will do.

Once Tony Stark is aboard the Chimaera, you can unlock lockers that will hold up to 300 pieces of equipment. All items that cannot fit in the selected hero’s inventory will be transferred here.

Depending on the type of equipment, it affects certain attributes, the sum of which shows the overall power of the character:

  • Valor. Increases the effectiveness of heroic skills and critical damage.
  • Strength / Energy. Increases melee damage and recharge speed of the hero’s ult.
  • Accuracy / Accuracy. Increases ranged damage and attack speed of the hero’s assault skill.
  • Resilience / Resilience. Increases armor parameters and recharge speed of support skills.
  • Determination. Increases maximum willpower (health) and its recovery time.
  • Craftsmanship. Increases the chance of crit and perk triggering.
  • Intensity. Increases status resistances and stun damage you deal.

There are also four brands of gear that can provide you with a number of stat benefits:

  • SHIELD equipment is fortitude, determination and valor.
  • Dr. Pym’s equipment is skill, strength, determination and valor.
  • Stark Industries – precision, craftsmanship and resilience.
  • Hammer Industries – skill, strength and endurance.

Hero artifacts

In addition to equipment, you can equip the main and minor artifacts. These artifacts will give an increase in power and 1-2 perks. They can be bought from faction merchants, improved for resources, and so on. Everything is the same with the equipment. Also, several artifacts will drop out as the campaign progresses. For example, you will receive your first artifact in the Anthill.

For example, one of the main artifacts, Taktigon, increases the overall damage of the character. Any hero can equip them. The most common minor artifacts are ISO-8 shards of various colors, which provide resistance to fire or gamma radiation, increase power, accuracy, or durability. You can also find Norn Stones that increase experience and so on.


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