Our Team Memebers

Pavel Ilyin AuthorĀ 

I managed to escape from the Matrix and see how different and interesting board games are. He organized a war of peasants in the fields near Carcassonne and imprisoned admirals and presidents. Played games in real time, using only wit and touchpad. Mathematician and engineer, in games appreciates first of all good mechanics and original gameplay.



Denis Pavlushkin Editor

Gambling addiction editor. A man of strange tastes and broad views. Ready to replay Hammerfight until the end of time.







Andrey Galadey Author

The author of the “1hournews”. Old school gamer and “iron man”. He believes that the most important thing in games is the plot and atmosphere.







Jack Bone Writer

I work as the writer for the 1hournews. I love to write and have been writing as a freelancer for few years before joining the 1hournews family.