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TCL Shows New Screens For Future Mobile Devices

TCL Shows New Screens For Future Mobile Devices

At the exhibition IFA 2020 in Berlin, the Chinese giant TCL shown screens of a new type NXTPAPER for tablets and smartphones. The novelty is announced as an alternative to color E ink displays.

These screens are flicker-free and produce less blue light than LCDs. They also take 65% less energy. And in comparison with E ink, they provide 25% higher contrast. Technically, these are reflective displays, meaning they do not emit light, but use reflected light. TCL Shows New Screens For Future Mobile Devices.

It is claimed that NXTPAPER screens can form a full-color image of the Full HD format and can be used for work, video viewing and so on.

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The timing of the release of finished devices based on such displays is not reported.

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