Timberborn: Update [20.04.23]


Thanks for all your reports and feedback! Please keep up the good work and good things will happen to you.


Optimization Optimization will continue until morale improves.

  • Updated building animation system. This should improve game performance a bit. (A similar update to character animations was already included in the original release of Update 4).

Balance We realized that Hydroponic Garden could use a little more variation in their recipes.

  • Mushroom: cost reduced to 40 water (from 50), growth time reduced to 8 days (from 10), yield reduced to 45 (from 60).
  • Seaweed: Cost increased to 60 Water (up from 50), Growth time increased to 12 days (up from 10), Yield increased to 70 (up from 60).
  • Food Factory: Seaweed ration production increased from 3 to 6 (production time and cost remain unchanged).


  • Added new sounds for Fermenter and Wood Workshop.
  • Buildings that require water will no longer play their water sounds, even if they are placed in areas where there is no water. Mmm dive!


  • Platforms can once again be placed on top of medical beds – now with 94.3% smaller cutouts!
  • Natural resources such as trees no longer aggressively self-propagate to higher tiles and threaten beavers in The Last of Us scenario.

Error correction

  • Fixed a crash caused by removing rubble right after it needed to be picked up.
  • Fixed a bug with lazy distributors not caring about picking up individual product leftovers.
  • Fixed a bug with cut corner dispensers simply rushing to their destination, ignoring carefully laid paths by the player.
  • Fixed incorrect recovery speed for non-standard items available as part of custom difficulty setting.
  • Fixed an issue that caused fermenters and coffee breweries to consume power even when not running.
  • Fixed some visual bugs with backpacks and carry items.
  • The settlement bar will no longer drop when the player interacts with a dead beaver.
  • Fixed a strange specific visual issue with Tupper’s Hut threshold that was interfering with decoration area indicators.