Total War Saga: Troy Beginner’s Guide – The Most Important

Total War Saga: Troy Beginner’s Guide – The Most Important

Total War Saga: Troy is a new part of turn-based strategies that has absorbed the long-studied mechanics of previous titles and several new features designed to breathe new life. Let’s take a look at all this in detail.

How to win the campaign
There are two types of victories here. A much simpler (albeit long-lasting) victory will be a total victory, in which you need to kill the first antagonist, destroy or capture 100 cities and gain control over some provinces.

However, the conditions for achieving “Victory according to Homer” sound much more interesting. First, you must complete the epic missions of the selected hero / faction. Secondly, you need to destroy some opponents. Third, an additional, more unique condition should be met. For example, Agamemnon will be given several provinces and asked to achieve Achaean control in them at the level of at least 60%.

First antagonist
It is chosen randomly during the game. The choice is influenced by various factors, such as controversial situations that arose between you and the candidates for the “title” of the first antagonist. Difficulty can arise if the game chooses as the first antagonist the faction that you must defeat under the terms of “Victory by Homer”. In this case, you will have a long and exhausting journey. You cannot conduct diplomatic negotiations with the first antagonist. There can be only one outcome of your confrontation – yours or his death.

Epic missions
This is a list of tasks that must be completed by your faction for Victory by Homer. The tasks are different every time, and they are activated sequentially, but not always immediately. That is, in one case, after completing the second task, you will immediately see the conditions of the third, and in the other, for example, after the fourth, you will have to wait 5-10 moves to find out about the conditions for completing the fifth mission.

Resource sharing
If in the previous parts of Total War more emphasis was placed on gold, then in the new game you will have to get food, wood, stone, bronze and that very gold. Each resource has its own purpose, but in fact, everyone is important. When exploring any settlement, you can see what resource is produced in it (look at the icons). Capture such settlements and build resource buildings there.

You can also exchange resources with other factions. They will also be useful for concluding a wide variety of contracts.

Hero classes
Heroes in the game are divided into several classes. Moreover, each has at least two subclasses. Let’s list the main classes:

  • Warlords are versatile fighters that provide power-ups for the entire faction. You can increase the limit of recruited units if you select the commander’s subclass and level up to level 5 (by taking the desired perk).
  • Fighters fight in close combat. Perks are aimed at increasing rage.
  • Intercessors – provoke enemies to aggression. Improve the defense, stamina and health of their units.
  • Archers – can shoot from a distance, and occasionally switch to melee weapons.

Leveling generals and agents
By pumping the hero, you can unlock new perks. And almost every time you are given a choice of one of two skills. This happens up to level 14, after which only the level of the hero and his general parameters are increased. The maximum level is 27.

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Gods and goddesses

The game uses the mechanics of divine will, which allows you to get the favor of the gods, who will give you various bonuses. To increase favor, rebuild temples, order prayers and hecatombs, hire priestesses and Oracles, and so on.

Rage and Aristea
Fighting in battle, your hero accumulates rage. Gradually, the supply of rage will lead to the fact that you can activate different abilities. And in the end – to Aristeus. This is your hero’s ultimate, which is used only once per battle. This ability can turn the tide of any battle.

During the siege, you can use rams, stairs and towers, called Trojan horses. These are all the tools that an attacker can use. But there is one trick: you can run up to the gate and stand in the blind areas of the gate towers so that they do not hit your hero. Let him hit the gates until he can destroy them, after which you can invade the settlement.

Troy is a mandatory siege that cannot be played automatically. We’ll have to really fight in it! She is able to replenish lost units at an incredibly high speed. But there is one caveat. Once every few turns, Poseidon demonstrates his anger towards Troy by destroying some buildings and, most importantly, walls. And this is the best moment to attack the city!

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