Wasteland 3 Guide – Best Skills and Talents

Wasteland 3 Guide – Best Skills and Talents

Skills in Wasteland 3 are divided into 4 categories: exploration, combat, social and general. Each skill can be upgraded up to level 10. Skill points are spent on this. A character will receive 3 skill points each time his level rises. To raise any skill to level 10, you need 28 skill points. That is, as the level rises, the requirements only increase. Therefore, it is so important to put off the skill books to the end in order to instantly raise the level of skill from eighth to ninth or from ninth to tenth.

Research skills

  • Armor modification. Allows you to install modifications of a specific level into armor. At level 10, you can take a perk that will give +5 units of armor to all nearby squad members.


  • Opening of locks. Allows you to break into doors, safes and containers. For a successful hack, the character receives experience points.


  • Know-it-all. Used to hack computers, terminals and robots. The latter in this case can become your allies. At the end of the battle, the hacked robot will automatically self-destruct. Until you level up to skill level 3, enemies will not attack your robots. That is, at the third level you can take a special perk, and now the enemies will be distracted by robots. At the fifth level, robots will be able to inflict electrical damage, and at the seventh level, they will receive 2 additional AP.


  • Working with mechanics. Increases the damage done to robots, synths and vehicles. Allows you to repair generators and for each level increases the efficiency of repair kits by 3%. For perks at the third level, you can increase the damage to robots and vehicles by 20%, at the fourth – by 25% increase the damage inflicted by deployable turrets and drones, at the seventh – +5 to armor after repairing a friendly robot or vehicle.


  • Weapon modification. Similar to armor. At the third level, when disassembling weapons, you will receive 15% more scrap metal, at the fifth level, you will find 25% more ammunition.


  • Repair of toasters. Allows you to repair toasters, thereby getting different loot, including parts for the Golden Toaster. On the third level, you will receive bonus loot from toasters, on the fifth – toast, on the seventh – + 25% to fire damage, on the tenth – all your attacks will inflict fire damage and cause burning.


  • Survival. Mainly used to avoid encounters with mutants, bandits and animals when moving around the map. also increases the damage done to animals and mutants. At the sixth level, this damage can be increased by 20%, at the tenth – all detectable locations and the world map become instantly visible.

Combat skills

Here we will not focus on skills and their talents. In general, I will emphasize that for each character it is best to pump one specific combat skill and, accordingly, equip a specific type of weapon. And according to the perks, choose what will be more profitable for you.

Social skills

  • Iron ass and licking are used primarily to end skirmishes without fighting. The first skill allows you to intimidate the targets, the second – suck up to them.


  • Barter will allow you to increase your sales prices and lower the cost of purchasing goods. At the third level, you can get a 20% discount when buying several identical items at once, at the seventh level, you can get a 5% chance to sell an item at an inflated price (5 times).


  • Leadership grants bonuses to the rest of the squad for multi-kills, increasing accuracy, damage, defense, crit, and so on. At the third level, all allies located within a radius of 2 cells receive +2 AP for two turns. On the fifth – 35% reduction in the probability of hitting the enemy and 25% reduction in the probability that you will be critically hit. Three moves.

General skills

  • Trainer. Allows you to interact with animals and turn them into AI assistants. You can only have one animal, and it can die in battle. Non-combat animals will give characters passive bonuses. At the third level, you can increase the damage done to tamed animals, at the fifth, you can increase the passive bonuses from non-combat animals.


  • Explosives. Allows you to clear traps in the form of mines and stretch marks on the doors.


  • First aid. The higher the skill, the higher the effectiveness of treatment with different means. After reviving an ally, you will deal + 100% damage for two turns.


  • Wonderful science. Increases fire and cold damage, as well as critical hit damage when using energy weapons.


  • Slyly. Allows you to turn off the alarm and increases the detection time by 0.3 seconds for each new level. Also increases damage from hidden attacks. At the tenth level, there is a talent that increases the damage from a hidden attack by 200%.

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