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When is PlayStation 5 Detailed Promotion Event?

When is PlayStation 5 Detailed Promotion Event?

Microsoft drove his horse to the race. Whether the price of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S game consoles, the release date has been announced. We were expecting Sony to do the same attempt and show all of the PlayStation 5 consoles now .

Fortunately, Sony did not go on with its stubbornness and gave the date of the promotion that it will say everything, announce the price.

When is the PlayStation 5 comprehensive presentation?
As far as we understand and see from the Twitter share, the new console will be detailed this week. Detailed presentation will be held on Wednesday , September 16 .

promotion, which can be monitored clock at 23:00 in Turkey, will be shown the introduction of the first full console design.

The full design will appear. Then the price will be announced. It will then be explained which versions of the console are and how the price differences of these versions are. Finally, it will be announced when the PlayStation 5 game console will go on sale and what the selling price will be.


After September 16, we will finally open the new curtain in the battle between Xbox and PlayStation . First comparisons will start to be made, such as which console sells more and which has better features.

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